About this blog

Why the blog?

This is a blog about style and fashion focusing on animation and video game media.

Fashion is on the short list of things that I’m absolutely passionate about. I love putting in the effort to try and dress well. I love shopping for clothes and accessories! I can waste hours poring through fashion blogs and fashion magazines. Menswear or womenswear, it doesn’t matter because it’s all awesome to me!

Growing up, I was obsessed with video games. I was hardcore into them from the NES-era to the seventh generation (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii). Today, my interest in sitting down and playing for hours on end has died down. But I try to keep up with the gaming world as best as I can.

I’m much more into animated shows and movies. They’re just so much easier to consume than video games. I’ve been a HUGE anime dork for as long as I can remember. I started off watching dubs of Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors and Samurai Pizza Cats with my sister in the 90s. Today, I’m a huge Studio Ghibli mark and have recently been obsessed with KILL la KILL, Eden of the East, the Garden of Sinners and Summer Wars.

Blog name?

The rather strange blog name (And admittedly, unfriendly URL) is derived from a beautifully catchy song called Mediational Field. The song features in a very surreal anime movie called Paprika, which is highly recommended viewing.

You can watch its utterly creative introduction below!

The website is also accessible from the more URL friendly mfblog.co.

Why the blog?

I wanted to find a way to combine the three interests (Fashion, gaming and animation) into something creative. I also wanted to practice my writing. I don’t particularly love writing, but I still want to improve it all the same. Lastly and most importantly, I want to develop better self-discipline by regularly updating this blog. Laziness isn’t an attractive quality. Hard work and dedication are.

Regardless, I know I may never achieve regular readership or significant engagement and that’s okay! This blog is not my endgame by any stretch of the imagination and more of a lasting tribute to three things I love.

Intended Audience?

Everyone is welcome! I hope this blog interests anyone who is willing to give it a chance. Your time is valuable, so any second you spend here is greatly appreciated!

The content is aimed at two main audiences:

  • Those who are into fashion, but not necessarily into video games or animation. There are more to these media than ultra-violent wacky shooters or high-pitched voice acting.
  • Those who are into fashion, as well as gaming and animation. I know there are others out there like me. I would love to meet you all!
About me

I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. If you ever want to talk about anything (I love talking to people!), then please drop me a line via e-mail at pat@patfp.com. You may also contact me on Twitter or Instagram.

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Denotes any post that’s not specifically related to fashion in video games, anime (And other animated content) or manga. However, general fashion posts also fall under this label.


Advance warning for any post that may contain spoilers about the subject, be it minor or MAJOR spoilers.


Blog content that’s presented in short form. Can be anywhere from a single sentence to just a few paragraphs. Usually reserved for news or quick commentary on various topics.


A constantly updated list of common terms used in blog posts:

  • Anime: A style of animation originally created in Japan. Or a synonym for Japanese cartoons.
  • Cosplay: A portmanteau for “Costume play”, where individuals (Cosplayers) make costumes and props to dress up as a fictional character or a real-life person. Sometimes role-playing of the character or person is involved.
  • DLC: An acronym for “Downloadable content”, which is additional content for video games provided over the Internet. Can be free or monetized at the discretion of the game developer and/or publisher.
  • Graphic novels: Novels that are presented using comic strips instead of words.
  • JRPG: An acronym for “Japanese role-playing game”, which are RPGs developed and released in Japan.
  • Light novel: A type of novel found in Japan. Generally not too lengthy (40,000 to 50,000 words and usually less than a few hundred pages), the target audience are middle and high school students.
  • Manga: Graphic novels created in Japan and written in the Japanese language.
  • MMO: An acronym for “Massively multiplayer online game.” As the term implies, it is an online game that supports many players simultaneously, sometimes millions, across multiple game servers. Some features of traditional MMOs can include:
    • A persistent world, where a game world simply exists whether or not players interact with it.
    • A virtual economy.
    • A monthly paid subscription, which is common for exceedingly popular MMOs for the upkeep of game servers and around the clock staff.
  • MMORPG: An MMO with RPG elements. Currently the most popular type of MMO. The appeal of such games is the ability to interact with fellow players cooperatively and/or competitively as you progress through the game. By far, the most popular MMORPG is Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.
  • Otaku: A Japanese term referring to someone with obsessive interests, usually anime, manga and the internet. Historically, the term had a negative connotation: Where the person is obsessed to the point where he/she has no life whatsoever and is a shut-in. In North America, the word has been appropriated to simply mean a person who is an avid fan of anime, manga and/or Japanese culture.
  • RPG: An acronym for “Role-playing game”, a genre of video games where the player assumes the role of a character or characters in a fictional setting. It more specifically includes a combination of these three elements:
    • Levels or character statistics that can be improved over the course of the game.
    • A menu-based combat system.
    • A central quest that runs throughout the game as a storyline.