Twitch TV

What is Twitch TV?

Twitch TV is an online streaming service allowing anyone to broadcast themselves playing video games. Aside from gaming, one can broadcast themselves creating art, making music, programming code, designing costumes for cosplay and so much more.

Why did you start streaming?

I chose to start streaming at the encouragement of a friend. I always had unfounded misconceptions about the idea of livestreaming which stopped me from doing it for the longest time. After much preparation, I forced myself to at least try it out for one day. To my surprise, it was quite an enjoyable experience. As such, I continue to stream because it’s a fun activity to pass the time.

It also presents an opportunity to constantly practice and improve my graphic design (For the visual component of streaming) and to talk about the games I grew up playing. Whether I have any viewership or zero people on hand, I’m always yammering away. It helps keep my mind active as I’m playing and it gives those who decide to stop by something to listen to in exchange for their time, especially if they’re lurking (Watching but not participating in chat).

While not entirely the same as other social situations, streaming provides a great avenue to engage an audience and to talk to a group of strangers about potentially any topic.

Lastly, it’s helping me learn how to multitask more efficiently. Contrary to the belief that all of this is simply turning a webcam on, there’s actually a lot more involved than just that. If you want to give a pleasurable experience to your audience and a reason for them to come back, you have to, among other things, pay attention to your chat, pay attention to your audio levels, speak constantly, engage your audience and of course, play your game, all at the same time.

All that said, this is certainly not for everyone. Having a live camera fixed on oneself can be uncomfortable to many and talking to strangers outside of writing can be equally as daunting. Or maybe you don’t like the way you look or dislike the sound of your own voice. Frankly, I have both of those insecurities, but I’d much rather be having fun and trying new things than worrying needlessly about how butt-ugly I look or sound.

Why should I watch?

It’s up to you to decide if stopping by is worth your time. In the end, it’s an opportunity to speak to me in a very casual setting and to get a decent idea of the type of person I am.

If you wish to participate in chat, you will need to sign up for a free account on the service.

My username is FiveOneFour in honour of the city I live in (Or live close enough to). If you do participate in chat, feel free to talk to me about anything within reason and within the rules. Again, I love talking to and meeting new people, especially other fashion lovers!

You can find my streaming schedule and additional information about themed days and upcoming events by clicking the following link:

Watch me on Twitch TV!